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  Soccer Trivia

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1.      What is the record for red cards in a single soccer game? 

a)     6                b) 12                c) 24                d) 36

2.     What was the largest margin of victory in an international soccer match?

a)     11 points   b) 21 points     c) 17 points     d) 31 points

3.      Who was the first player to score in five World Cup’s?

a)     Ronaldo     b) Marta          c) Pelé             d) Alex Morgan

4.     How old was the youngest professional soccer player?

a)     12              b) 14                c) 16                d) 18

5.     What was the fastest goal in Men’s World Cup history?

a)     2 min         b) 33.7 sec       c) 10.8 sec       d) 1 min 12 sec

6.     Brazilian soccer legend Pelé played his last game for which two teams?

______________ and ______________

7.     Which country won the first Women’s World Cup? _____________

8.     The first Men’s World Cup? _______________

9.     Which teams have won the most world cups, men & women? 

Women: _____________                Men: ______________

10.  What was the fastest red card ever issued in a game?

a)     3 min         b) 2 sec            c) 55 sec          d) 5 min

11.  How many panels on a traditional soccer ball?

a)     26              b) 77                c) 12                d) 32   

12.  Who has the most goals in USWNT history? ________________

13.  Who has the most international goals overall (women)? _________________ 

14.  Who has the most goals in USMNT history? _____________ and _______________ 

15.  Who has the most international goals overall (men)? _________________

16.  What United States university has the most NCAA Div 1 championships, men & women?

Women: _______________                           Men: ____________________

17.  Who won the NCAA Div 1 Championship in 2019?

Women: _______________                           Men: ____________________ 

18.  Which NWSL team has the most championships?  Which MLS team?

NWSL: _________________                          MLS: ____________________

19.  Youngest player on the USWNT?  USMNT?

USWNT: _______________                            USMNT: _________________

20.  Who is the only player on the current USWNT roster born in New York state? ____________________

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